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Hire Me!I’m a Chicago-based freelance digital marketing and communications professional with more than two years of experience and skills in blogging, content creation, web copywriting, and social media strategy.

Since 2012, I have written over 300 articles and blog posts for various companies, increased the online presence of four small businesses using social media and email marketing, and had my writing featured on 15 different sites and blogs.



My freelance services include the following:

- Writing SEO blog posts that will bring traffic to your site

- Identifying and engaging the target online audience of small businesses

- Creating compelling and informative web copy that will keep potential customers reading

- Designing email marketing campaigns that will make people excited to get your messages

- Developing and managing social media marketing campaigns (Facebook,
Twitter, Pinterest) that will get them sharing with their friends

- Assisting with website/blog organization and layout that will make you look polished and professional online

For more information, check out my Pinterest portfolio.


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Fill out the form below or you can email me at mythbustingmommy (at) gmail (dot) com.

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